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    Useful FAQ’s

    For the Mag box:-
    Go to settings – Inner portal settings – System settings – Servers – Portals – Portal URL (Add your Portal URL)

    For Formular Box:-
    Go to MytvOnline app – Menu – Connections – Add New Portal.

    For Buzz Box:-

    Go to settings – Add Server Line – Add your Portal

    You can always check the speed of your internet by using and speed test app by downloading the app from the Google PlayStore or from the Android box Market place.

    Yes, you can. Many users have multiple servers to get more content or simply as a backup. Almost every device and IPTV app supports multiple servers. We offer a 10% discount for multiple subscriptions.

    Once you place the order online, we process the orders in less than an hour of time. For local orders our delivery driver will give you a call regarding the same day delivery status.

    International orders will be dispatched in less than 24 hours. Customer will receive the shipping details through text.

    Regarding the Payment methods:-

    We accept etransfer through email or Account Number;
    We do accept payments through PayPal for our International Customers;
    We also accept cash at the time of delivery.

    Regular SubscriptionStarting form $120/Year